Transparency and simplicity in a food ordering and delivery app

Transparency and simplicity in a food ordering and delivery app

FoodSquire is a Marshfield, MA based food ordering and delivery app.

FoodSquire app

We are a team of web developers and computer programmers. We are constantly adding features to the system and will never stop. There’s always another idea to add.

Rather than being a cookie cutter solution, we welcome merchants that think “this would not work for our operation because of x, y, and z. We are different.”

Our rates are low and all details about how we are priced and work are listed in plain English (actually, our app is translated into six languages right now) at our site,

We are local business people/residents and we are on the lookout for local merchants on the South Shore, Cape and Islands, MetroWest area, and other areas in Massachusetts and Rhode Island that would love to have a partner that can help them embrace the technology that customers are now looking for.

There is no custom functionality that we cannot add to the system.

We challenge you to try to stump us.

To anybody that is out eating in great restaurants across the area please help to get the word out about what we do. To any restaurant owners, please drop us a message and we can chat.

Other food ordering apps mark up food items. We never do.

We keep our customer delivery fee as low as possible.

If you are paying 10% for order processing at your restaurant, add FoodSquire at 2.9%. This can be the beginning of a long term relationship that helps with profits and with lowering stress for everyone at the restaurant.

– Joe Capone, Founder – FoodSquire

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