Personalization – The Essence of a Partnership with FoodSquire

Personalization – The Essence of a Partnership with FoodSquire

Last week I traveled to my old stomping grounds on Cape Cod. As I walked Main Street in Hyannis, I kept seeing the alerts on my phone detailing new orders being processed at the restaurants we have signed up. One place in particular has been quite busy and the customers are really enjoying the convenience of the FoodSquire app. They are eagerly awaiting delivery, as their drivers are limited in range and time of delivery. I love how this is proving to work, and how our ability to personalize and customize this app to perform differently to satisfy the different needs of restaurant owners and managers.

FoodSquire Order OnlineMy role in the FoodSquire family is more complex than any in my past. My favorite part about being involved in this exciting start-up is meeting with restaurant owners and hearing about their business. Most are entrepreneurs, many have risked their entire savings on their business, most have to weigh each and every decision they make pertaining to this thing they built.

Though I try my best to describe the FoodSquire Merchant App, I often times get wrinkled brows and glassy eyed gazes when I state that the app is customizable to each merchant. Joe Capone, our Founder, is a web developer. He has worked tirelessly to tweak and customize the app. He not only presents and delivers the app to restaurants, but he follows up and makes the app suit their needs. Does the restaurant want to receive an alert on a cellphone or mobile device when an order comes in, or do they prefer a fax? Some want a phone call to follow up, just in case their staff fails to acknowledge or receive the order. Some want the order to go directly into their Point of Sale, so their existing process isn’t disrupted. I love that I work with people that can make something like a food ordering app into a dynamic sales tool that actually makes life easier for the restaurant staff.

When a prospective customer in Hyannis tells me that one of our competitors failed because of X, Y, or Z, it is my duty to take notes and eliminate those things from the equation. It is our duty to make every effort possible to not only help this person’s business succeed, but to make it develop and reach its’ best potential. Our team at FoodSquire is 100% dedicated to making the app work for each business.

Contact us today to here more about it. Please remember to download our mobile apps in the Appstore or on Google Play. You can also order and manage your merchant account from any web browser.

Remember to download our apps in the Appstore and on the Google Play marketplace

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