FoodSquire Driver app is here – Track your order

FoodSquire Driver app is here – Track your order

With our new FoodSquire Driver app, customers can now be notified by SMS and push notifications as their food is prepared.

People can now sign up to be part of our Driver network, allowing them to delivery food for any restaurant in the network that has enabled the FoodSquire Driver network. An order comes in and it shows up in the Driver app. Any registered driver can view it and when it is ready to go that Driver claims it and goes on their way.

A restaurant can also limit the drivers that are able to view and manage orders. Maybe the restaurant just has a single delivery person. That is totally fine. This app will bring transparency and efficiency to processing food orders like never before.

The customer sees a minute by minute ETA for their food and this even takes into account other deliveries that need to be made first.

The customer can view the car make, model, and color that is going to be delivering the food. The customer can even click to call the driver if they need to do so.

At delivery, the driver has the customer sign their smartphone app to release the order in the system.

Everything is logged and the owner of the restaurant can view it all in real time in their app.

A perfect system for managing and tracking orders. A perfect system to keep your hungry customers happy and up to date on what is going on.

Now available for iOS and in the Google Play store. Download FoodSquire Driver today and sign up for our network.

Restaurants can sign up to be part of our FoodSquire network at the following link:


Our rates are simple. 2.9% is our fee for completed orders. No contracts. No setup fees (we handle creating the menu but can also allow restaurants to manage this with the user friendly back end for the Merchant). Cancel any time (we think our app is amazing and don’t think that anyone is going to cancel).



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