Food delivery and pickup ordering app based in Marshfield, Massachusetts

FoodSquire is designed to make finding and ordering high quality food as easy as possible for consumers. We have all grown tired of sitting on hold while a sub shop takes orders by phone. Then they pick up and the place is so busy that they make a mistake on your order. The food arrives at your door and it is cold and is not what you wanted. You take it anyway because the food is cold. You thought you had cash but you don’t so now you have to call the restaurant to pay by card. They cannot find your order so you wait on hold….sound familiar?

With our app, the restaurant does not need to waste time on the phone. The order gets placed exactly as the customer wants it. Meanwhile the customer is holding their young child and madness is occurring around them. FoodSquire simplifies the ordering process. The restaurant receives notification of the new order on the separate Merchant FoodSquire app. As many people as the restaurant wants can be signed in to view new orders and to move them through the process. The girl that takes orders at the counter has it (we all know she is using her phone anyway). The cook in the back has it on his iPhone or Android device. He sees it. The restaurant owner is away with family but can sign in to see what is going on with orders and all of the critical analytics that he or she needs to make sure the restaurant is OK without him or her. Everybody sees it and notifications keep everyone updated.

The food is now done and it is time to send it out for delivery. The delivery driver has a separate app for managing orders.

The consumer receives exactly what they want and they are thrilled. In return for doing business with their favorite restaurant, the consumers is given loyalty points. They come back because the experience was great and they want to use those loyalty points.

Social sharing makes it easy for the consumer to tell everyone about this fantastic establishment. New customers find the restaurant and the process is repeated.

Isn’t that a better way to run a restaurant in today’s high tech world? We think so.

Contact us to learn more. Check our out demo to see the backend for the restaurant. Download our app in the Apple app store.

Let’s eat!

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