A Driver’s Dilemma – FoodSquire Food Ordering App to the Rescue

A Driver’s Dilemma – FoodSquire Food Ordering App to the Rescue

As the sun started to dip behind the Pitch Pines in the lovely village of Cotuit, Massachusetts, I began to realize that summer was truly over. It was only 6:00 PM and a breeze began to stir as the temperature dropped. To a chorus of protests and even a few tears, I painfully loaded the kids into the truck for the hour plus ride home. Labor Day was in the rear-view, so traffic would be a breeze. Our hearts were heavy to leave this beautiful spot, but the thought of a great homemade meal awaiting us made the thought of driving home less upsetting.

My phone rang as I was putting the last of the Bourne Bridge behind us. It was my fiancé. I had the twelve year old answer the phone as I arranged the hands-free device in my ear. “She wants to talk to you”, was all he said. I clicked the device on to hear an unfamiliar voice on the other end. “Honey, I’m sick”. “You need to get dinner on the way home, because there’s no way I’m cooking”. I placated the situation and assured her that she should rest and that we would be fine. Hanging up the phone I realized that I was completely unfamiliar with the vast expanses of Southeastern Massachusetts that lie between here and there.

FoodSquire to the rescue!

We have set up about ten restaurants as a beta test; get orders coming in, try out drivers for delivery, etc. This was the moment we invented this app for. I told the twelve year old to open the FoodSquire app on my phone. He tapped the screen and it came to life. “Pizza or Chinese?” I asked. Chinese was the resounding favorite here, so in favor of Democracy we chose one of the Chinese restaurants on the app. The menus were easy enough to navigate that the child seated in my shotgun seat was able to fly through it. Every item at the touch of a screen, even special instructions so my chicken wings would be extra crispy!

Twenty Four minutes later, I was picking up the food. The aroma of our succulent Polynesian fare filled my car. We cheated and ate the fortune cookies before we got home (Don’t tell Mom). No looking up restaurants on a search engine. No calling up and yelling into the phone. A simple three minute process where everyone got what they wanted.

Download our app on the Appstore or in the Google Play marketplace today. We are looking for drivers and restaurants. Please help by sharing this and thinking about great restaurants that we can add. If you know someone that wants to drive and make up to $12 per delivery, send them my way please – jason@foodsquire.com


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Jason Michonski

Director of Operations



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