Delivery Done Right: Everyone Remembers Their First Time

Delivery Done Right: Everyone Remembers Their First Time

Never one to shy away from trying new things, I wanted to gain perspective on all facets of my new company. Two conversations were all it took to know that I would not be coding, it’s simply a language I cannot speak. I already have experience in sales and in marketing. The division of FoodSquire I have little to no experience in, is delivering food.

My opportunity came when we did a practice run for delivery on the South Shore. We set up a handful of restaurants with temporary delivery drivers and pushed hard to get orders so we could see the system work and iron out any bugs. My role on the team for that week was to hire some great drivers and prepare them for the road ahead.

When the day arrived, I sat back and monitored the board like I was dispatching Police Cruisers. As orders came in, our drivers made things happen in a quite impressive way. The national average delivery time across the United States is Fifty minutes from order to delivery. We averaged Thirty-Seven! I was beyond excited, knowing that the product worked, the drivers kicked butt, and that bugs in the system were minimal.

On the last day of delivery, an order came in to one of our Hanover Merchants. The only driver on duty was in Plymouth. My role changed from Manager to Relief Pitcher in a heartbeat. I logged in on the FoodSquire Driver App, and pushed the button placing myself “On Duty” (1 for 1). I was immediately assigned the pending order, so I hit the button to Accept my assignment (2 for 2). I left Pembroke and drove north on 139. I arrived at the Merchant’s door in eighteen minutes; not bad for Hanover traffic at 3:00 pm on a Friday. I entered the restaurant and told them who I was and why I was carrying a food delivery bag. They were psyched to be able to offer delivery, and we had a brief chat to that effect. The order comes out and I check to make sure everything is included. Upon confirmation and grabbing a few extra napkins, I hit the button on my phone which tells the Customer that I have their order and I have started driving to them (3 for 3). The stressful part (getting through Hanover at 3:00 pm) was over, I had the food with me and was on my way to a Dr’s Office to deliver someone their lunch. I cranked up the radio and made my way to the destination. Upon arrival I grabbed my phone and pushed the button, telling the customer I had arrived with their food. I brought everything into the Dr’s Office and the customer met me at the reception desk. She loved getting a heads up that I had arrived and was so happy to get food delivered from a restaurant that never offered delivery before. I had her sign the screen on my phone accepting the food and I was on my way (4 for 4). I gained some valuable perspective, and a nice tip.

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