Why has delivery become essential?

Why has delivery become essential?

Delivery is essential to many restaurants

There are many facets of the American economy; too many for most of us to understand or even have time to learn. Many gauge the economy’s success on the performance of restaurants and other service industries, largely funded by the working middle class.

Middle Class incomes have been on a steady decline since 2008 at a rate of about 8.5% annually. For the past 8 years, more families have dropped out of a middle-class income at a sustained level than any other point in our history as an industrialized nation. Positive changes we have seen in recent months have not affected the restaurant industry as of yet. Families and single adults in the median income range are dining in more and dining out less. Restaurants that offer home delivery of their food have seen increases and a steady upward trend since 2015. Restaurants that don’t offer delivery, like Chili’s, Red Lobster, and Olive Garden are closing down once profitable locations. Many speculate that high food cost and increased labor costs have caused these once popular options to price themselves out of family budgets.

There are many in opposition that believe the necessity for both parents to work, increased homework for young students, and ever-increasing pressure for children to be involved in a plethora of extra-curricular activities is the main cause. These people believe that with little-to-no time together, families are turning to the “dine at home” option, even when supporting area restaurants. The restaurants that offer delivery of their food to the home or to hotels have not only sustained during the past eight years, but have shown exponential growth.

Whether it is due to financial tightening, or a longing to just relax as a family, the middle class has not been going out to eat in America.

The concept of offering delivery has many complex layers and a great amount of responsibility. Restaurants that simply stick someone in a car and have that person drive food to a customer, are leaving themselves open to liability and other dangers. An automobile accident could effectively ruin an entire business where fault and liability would fall directly on the restaurant. Sending a delivery driver to a customer’s home without properly vetting the driver’s background is a slippery slope as well. Then there are the slow periods where the driver is idle. You must pay them or they won’t drive for you. If you ask a driver to fold pizza boxes or take out trash, many of them complain, “This isn’t what I signed up for.”

What is the best option for your business? We provide many drivers to a given geographic area. They are in and out of your place of business quickly, not standing around in the way of customers or distracting your staff. We reward them for taking on more work and we reward them for delivering over longer distances. We perform criminal background checks on all drivers and make sure liability is covered, eliminating that time and expense from your life. What sets us apart from the giant corporate delivery companies is our flexibility. We customize your app, giving you the control to decide if and when delivery is offered for your business. Our technology and our desire to partner in your success make FoodSquire an easy choice when deciding on a food ordering and delivery platform.

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