Delivery and pickup ordering app

Online ordering for your restaurant. Increase sales with our powerful mobile apps and website. Offer loyalty points to keep customers happy and to drive repeat business.

Local restaurants need to be members of FoodSquire

Your customers are searching for great restaurants in our app. Join the network for free and work with us to build your perfect menu.

  • Search by distance
  • Search by food type
  • Search by ratings
  • Search by town

Social sharing is at the heart of our app and website

We know that it can be difficult to attract new customers in any business. Our social sharing and review systems will help your happy customers to easily share you to their family and friends.

  • Facebook Login
  • Google login
  • Share to Facebook
  • Share to social networks

Single click reordering and lots of “ease of use” features for visitors

Customers can view all prior orders and can click to reorder from a prior receipt. Customer profiles allow for storing credit cards and other personalization settings.

  • Import profile information from Facebook
  • Connect reviews to specific orders
  • Simple reordering
  • Easy notifications

Recommended items can increase sales for your restaurant

Setup simple addons and recommended side dishes and food items. By presenting the right food item at the right time in the checkout process you are likely to see an increase in overall sales and profits.

  • Customize any food item
  • Recommended add-ons
  • High resolution images
  • Embed video into menu

See our app in action

FoodSquire offers customers and patrons the ability to order from your restaurant from any device. Our app has tons of amazing features. Partner with us and increase your sales.

Our system is designed for small, medium, and large restaurants. We work with brand new restaurants and we work with experienced restaurant management groups. Orders are submitted while generating custom notifications that are delivered in our merchant app, at the website, by fax, and by SMS message. Everything is designed to make sure that orders can be seen immediately and moved through the system accordingly.

Reviews from the appstore

Amazing Mobile Apps

Custom mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. Your customers will love these.

Order online

Customers can view your menu and checkout in a matter of minutes

Analytics and Tools

Track which items are being viewed the most, sales reports, and more.

Marketing and web design services

We become true partners with our network members. Work with us to redesign websites and to market.

Dedicated support

Reach our support team any time for questions and general tech support. Customers receive the same attention.

Perfect Notifications

We have designed our notification system to keep everyone in the loop as orders come in and are prepared.

Access the FoodSquire demo for restaurants

Enter your email to access our complete backend demo for restaurants

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We help restaurants to drive sales

Your menu showcases your delicious food creations. We will work to show everything that you want in your menu and can help you to increase sales with add-ons and upgraded. Customers will come back to redeem loyalty points and to experience how easy it is to order through FoodSquire.

Great pricing

Restaurants can sign up for either our commission based system or select our flat rate unlimited orders option. Our goal is to be your partner so let us know what your thoughts are for growing your business with FoodSquire.

Great technology

At FoodSquire, we embrace the newest web technologies to ensure that your customers enjoy the smoothest and most enjoyable shopping and checkout process. Our system can be used on any modern web browser as well as on iOS and Android based devices, tablets, and smartphones.

Great support

We become part of your team. We understand that not all people are able to work with technology in the same manner. Leverage our support to learn how to use it and to deal with any customer or staff issues. We offer free training and on site visits to our partners that are close to our home office.

Great idea

Have thought about adding an online ordering platform to your business? Things are busy at the restaurant. Our app will free up staff that would otherwise be on the phone so they can help. Consumers are looking for this. Your competition offers this – shouldn’t you? Yes yes yes :  )

Controls and analytics for restaurants

Login to the demo account to see the backend options. Change any setting to suit your needs. Add notifications. Make withdrawals. Check analytics and stats on orders. View all prior orders. Done just about anything.

Give it a try
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